Andrae Green

Core Faculty, MFA Visual Art


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My work uses painting as an exploratory tool to delve into the internalized worlds or dimensions. These "other dimensions" are not readily tangible but we perceive them all the time. Things such as intuition, clairvoyance, and prophecy key us into the higher dimensions of life and make life more rich, complex and complete. The space outside of the physical realm is what I try to paint. I use the act of painting to draw my body and mind into the intense activity leaving my subconscious free to transcend to a heightened awareness of life.

My paintings speak of the slippages that occur due to interruptions to or world by metaphysical reality or dimensions. The figures speak about the current age that we live in. A world where representation and reality can be interchanged and physicality can be fleeting. History and fantasy, also, can be interchangeable and used to reinvent our identities. I am interested, in particular, how history and mythology can be re-imagined to create alternate dimensions and multiple story-lines that may not be in history books. I hope that I and others can use as emblems to more clearly comprehend the world around us more fully.