Fiona Amundsen

Visiting Writer


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Fiona Amundsen’s practice explores how documentary photographic and filmic images can enable a connected, active and caring relationship to the ramifications of painful historical experiences that live on in the present.  She is interested in establishing relationships between specific historical events, the social responsibility of witnessing, and the ethics of documentary photographic and filmic practices.  She edits declassified military produced archival imagery with her own present-day photography and filming to investigate the potential for imagery to perform a kind of visual listening and documentary witnessing of acts of colonial imperial violence, be it historical or not.  Her image’s enable an ethical caring based in relationships of imagining over reified visibility and listening over cognitive knowing.

Her current project, Coming Back to Life (2019 -), explores relationships between military nuclear technologies, military-capitalism, nuclear environmental destruction and spirituality.  Prior to this new series, for the last five years Fiona explored alternative modalities for memorializing stories and experiences associated with the Asia-Pacific War (WWII). 

Fiona has among other grants, awards and residencies been the recipient of the Fulbright New Zealand Scholar Award, 2019, the BachPGH Artist in Residence, Neue Kirche Contemporary Art Centre, USA, 2015, and the recipient of Culture Grant, Asia New Zealand Foundation, 2013

She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Art Theory/History and Photography at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.