Jason Bagatta: Adjunct, Foundations

Jason Bagatta

BFA Foundations Faculty | MAT Faculty


MFA-Interdisciplinary Arts - Goddard College, Plainfield Vermont
BA - Goddard College, Plainfield Vermont


phone - (603) 836-2544
email - JasonBagatta@nhia.edu

Jason Bagatta is an Artist-educator, and Faculty in the Graduate and Undergraduate programs at New Hampshire Institute of Art, in Manchester, New Hampshire. He often teaches drawing and design courses, but has also taught painting, figure drawing, and conceptual art.

Jason has a Master’s degree in Fine Art & Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College, in Plainfield, Vermont, with a focus on Painting and Conceptual Art.

He has studied sociology, philosophy, psychology, rites and passages of indigenous cultures, and gender and race politics. Jason's work is influenced by personal, social, and spiritual experiences. These experiences are rich with music, art, literature, and food. He says, “Life effects Art. And Art effects Life.”

As an artist, Jason Bagatta has a wide range of experiences. When using more traditional materials, he works with charcoal, pastel, graphite, colored pencil, conte' crayon, ink, marker, silhouette cut-outs, and stencils. As a painter, Jason uses spray paint, latex, enamel, oil, water color, guoache', and acrylic paint, depending upon what the work calls for.  

As a painter, Bagatta has shown work in NYC’s underground art scene and has been part of a few artist collectives in both NY and NH, consisting of musicians, poets, and visual artists. Working outside the context of a traditional gallery setting, Jason has had the opportunity to show his work often and in a variety of venues.

On a performative level, Jason worked in collaboration with a partner conceptualizing and creating participatory, interactive performances and installations; this involved some fabrication of sets and props, as well as all promotional material. Jason has also done a bit of spoken word, and he says he has at least two poems in his memory at all times

Jason Bagatta is an artist that is interested in human behavior, consciousness, and the metaphysical, or nature of reality. His work tries to address the ways in which people interact, our failures and accomplishments, how and why we create and destroy.

Regardless of the form it takes, Jason's work addresses these topics through abstraction, symbolism, figurative narration, and sometimes socio-political commentary. To make art, he says, “… is to attempt to better understand the world and my self in relation to it.”