John Baymore: Adjunct Ceramics

John Baymore

BFA Ceramics and Liberal Arts Faculty


Ceramics, minor Education - UMass Amherst


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John Baymore has been a full-time ceramist for over 45 years and a faculty member at NHIA since 1995. John also taught at Mass. College of Art, and B.U.’s Program in Artisanry.  He was designated as Visiting Professor at the Wuxi Institute of Arts and Technology in Yixing, People’s Republic of China for 2013-16 and served on the Leadership Advisory Team of the New Hampshire Department of Education.

A scholar of Japanese ceramics and culture, John has spent multiple years studying, working, and exhibiting in Japan. He was winner of the Judge’s Special Prize for his bowl in the First Mashiko Ceramics Competition and the Silver Prize in the Mungyeong Teabowl Competition in South Korea in 2012, John’s work is included in multiple museum collections in Japan, South Korea, and the People’s Republic of China.  He has been involved in numerous group and solo exhibitions in the United States and internationally in Belgium, Greece, Japan, the People’s Republic of China, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.

His works and writings can be found in books such as, “The Iconic Teabowl; East and West” by Bonnie Kemske,  the “American Ipotters” interactive I-book by Kevin Hluch, “Wood Fired Ceramics: 100 Contemporary Artists” by Amadeo Salamoni, the Chinese language text “The Appreciations and Collections of Modern and Contemporary Ceramic Art" by Guangzhen Zhou, Yale University’s Press’s "Encyclopedia of New England”, “Ceramic Surface Decoration” by Maureen Mills, the Japanese language book “Clay, Fire and a Stubborn Guy” by Matsumiya Ryouji, “China Paint and Overglaze” by Paul Lewing, "Computers and Crafts" by Marc Goldring, and “The Potters Professional Handbook” by Steven Branfman.

Articles by and about John and images of his work have appeared in publications such as Ceramics Monthly magazine, Clay Times magazine, The Logbook; The Journal of International Woodfiring, The NCECA Journal, the ISCAEE Journal, the Craft Report, The Potters Pages, Ceramic Industry magazine, Studio Potter magazine, the Aomori Journal (Japan), AomoriNet Journal  (Japan), Seramik Türkiye magazine (Turkey), and New Hampshire Magazine.