Lars Jerlach

Director of the MFA program in Visual Art


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Lars Boye Jerlach, Associate Professor of Art, is the Director of the MFA program in Visual Art at the Institute of Art and Design at New England College. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark where he studied at the Royal School of Library and Information Science, and later at Copenhagen Art School. He received both his Bachelor of Fine Art and his Master of Fine Art in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

In 1999 he established the art partnership tectonic industries with the British artist Helen Stringfellow. The members moved from Europe to the USA in 2001, and were based in Minneapolis for eleven years. After traveling to New Zealand and living in Auckland for sixteen months, the members moved back to the US in January 2014, and now live and work in Portland, Maine. 

Lars has worked as an artist and professor of art for more than twenty years. His teaching experience includes studio, critical theory and professional practice, and he has taught both BFA and MFA students in institutions of higher education in the UK, New Zealand and in the US.

His past professional experiences include: Chair of the Department of Visual Arts at Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, NZ, Associate Professor of Sculpture at University of Wisconsin-Stout, and Vice President, Executive Board of Directors at the Soap Factory, a nonprofit art organization located in Minneapolis, MN.