Lia Scardamaglia

Lia Scardamaglia

BFA Graphic Design Faculty


Certificate in Fine Arts and Graphic Design (3 year) - School of Visual Arts, New York, New York


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Lia Scardamaglia is an art director, designer, fine artist, and principal owner of Lia & Company Creative. She has a wide range of clients in both non-profit and corporate businesses. She has specialized in healthcare, technology, industry, and social and political organizations. Prior to the start-up of her design studio, Lia worked as a graphic designer at ad agencies and major corporations in NYC and Boston. She studied fine art and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in NYC . She is an educator at New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, teaching undergraduate graphic design classes.

Directing Lia & Company Creative for 25+ years, she understands what it takes to manage art from a business perspective while being creative and resourceful. As an experienced art director she oversees projects that involve extensive planning and project direction, conceptualizing and collaborating with clients and freelance talent in all media. As an artist she draws from experience, using a balance between color and form and implements elements of design that communicate a message through images and type.

She uses this experience and knowledge in her classroom to illustrate the essential relationship between art and business, incorporating concepts and creativity to tackle design in a collaborative setting.