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RIchella Simard



email - RSimard@nec.edu
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Richella Simard is a New Hampshire based artist using film in both medium and large format along with alternative and mixed media keeping photography as her primary discipline. Currently Richella's work revolves around nature and the outdoors but in the past she is experienced in landscapes and portraiture. Richella studied at Maine College of Art and the New Hampshire Institute of Art where she received her BFA in 2007 and her MFA in 2015. She has exhibited her work nationally and in local galleries such as Art Intersection, Texas Woman’s University, Stonehill College, A Smith Gallery, NHIA Roger WIlliams ad Fuller Galleries, SNHU McIninch Gallery, online publications at Don't Take Pictures and more. Her graduate work was published for exhibitions “Nourish: Food as Sustenance and Pleasure”, “Down to Earth” and “Discomfort Food”.  She is currently working on being accepted in an artists residency for this coming summer.

Richella has been an active educator since 2008 participating in a wealth of educational opportunities and environments. She has been employed as a full-time art teacher in the Manchester School District since year 2008/2009 having taught Middle School and High School art, currently High School at Manchester West.