Tectonic Industries Exhibition

Date: 03.22.2021 - 04.16.2021

Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Location: Online and Roger Williams Gallery, 77 Amherst St, Manchester, NH

If you had followed the directive, you wouldn't be here’ by Tectonic Industries at the Roger Williams Gallery  

Please join us via Zoom for a presentation with the artists Thursday, March 25th @ 6 pm
Meeting ID: 937 7195 3315

The exhibition runs from March 22nd until Wednesday, April 16th 

Roger Williams Gallery
77 Amherst St
Manchester, NH, 03101

Tectonic Industries is a collaborative art partnership of the Danish artist Lars Boye Jerlach and the British artist Helen Stringfellow. Together, they examine the artifice inherent within the creation of the modern myths and belief systems of popular culture. Ultimately these created worlds become a pervasive form of reality, universally meaningful within the mainstream collective memory. Referencing immediately identifiable cultural signifiers in conjunction with our seemingly endless quest for self-improvement, tectonic industries create mixed-media installations that scrutinize our all-encompassing desire for instant gratification and immediate satisfaction.

Contact Us
Devon Mozdierz, Gallery Director & Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking

*Attached Image: Installation detail

** Due to the pandemic, the gallery will only be open to members of the NEC community until further notice. Installation shots and a virtual tour will be available online, and all are still encouraged to attend virtual presentations. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to when we will be able to open our doors to the public again.