Teti Photography Fellow June T Sanders

Date: 11.14.2019 - 11.14.2019

Time: 02:00 PM - 03:30 PM

Location: French Hall, 148 Concord St, Manchester, NH


June T Sanders is a trans photographer, writer, and curator from the shrub-steppes of Eastern WA state. She lives there still. Her photos have been shown at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center (Denver), Amos Eno Gallery (Brooklyn), and Cascade Paragon Gallery (Portland). She is a recent recipient of the Blue Sky Curatorial Prize and an instructor at Washington State University and the New York Summer School of the Arts. Her work is about gender; dirt; expansions; home. 


June will be spending her time in the Teti library researching instances of gender deviance and trans/queer history, representation, and manifestations within historical art photography. And within that, ideas of gesture, traces, the ephemera, lineage, etc. She will deconstruct the context in which these images are made, presented, and received, pay close attention to matters of pose, gaze, posture, and framing, and look at how these and other formal elements are used to inform and transform.

She will discuss her findings, and well as talk about her current body of work titled ‘Some Place Not Yet Here’, an ongoing collection of photographs that reflect ephemeral moments of intimacy, pain, pleasure, communion, and emotional exchange.