Graphic Design Certificate

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Fall (September 23-December 22, 2019) Spring (January 6-March 29, 2020)

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Engage your audience with eye-catching graphics, emotional and personal connections, and interactive design. Gain the technical skills and processes needed to develop effective visual communications, no matter the story you want to tell.

For professionals seeking a breadth of understanding of design processes and tools and the ability to use those skills to engage an audience.

Program Outcomes:

  • Type: Understand, apply, and break the rules of typography, balancing readability and communication with aesthetic design.
  • Design: From hierarchy and structure, to color, contrast, and perception, generate work that excels at communicating desired design goals and marketing messages.
  • Interaction: Create interactive and motion graphics that engage the consumer, influence their experience, and promote their relationship with your products.
  • Communication: From engineering, to clients, to marketing and management – communicate in ways that creates buy-in and develops strong working relationships.
  • Visuals: Distill data and research down to the most critical components and highlight the story the data tells with effective visuals and information graphics.
  • Influence: Consider how your designs might influence and be influenced by social media, web analytics, humor, art, nostalgia, and pop culture, and generate designs which respond and connect.

Delivery Mode:
Complete your certificate in an engaging online environment. This experience will foster collaborative interactions with other professionals working in the field. Courses are designed to be completed over a period of 12 weeks from start date, about 15 hours per week.

You’ll Earn: A certificate of completion, a certificate of completion with distinction for those that are exemplary students, from New England College (accredited by NECHE).

Tuition: $1950 per certificate.

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