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Think of college as a tapestry. And every activity, class, and relationship serve as the threads that weave together your college experience. As the New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA) merges into New England College (NEC), we now offer even more ways to create a rich, rewarding college experience while you pursue your passion for art, design, or writing.

Expanded Academic Programs 

More ways to discover yourself

One of the greatest experiences of college is learning more about who you are and where you want to go in life, and that can begin in the classroom. NHIA students can now explore more than 75 academic programs, which means more ways to discover who you are and who you want to become. These liberal arts programs provide the thread to connect your studies to the world around you.

More ways to apply art

You live and breathe art. You also like to think outside the box. Access to more academic programs allows you to see other ways you can put your creative side to work, like Game and Digital Media Design or Communication Studies with its focus on marketing and advertising. And then there are the sciences, an area of expertise for NHIA faculty Amber Cannan. She specializes in biomedical and scientific illustration.

More ways to supplement your education

Do you dream of managing your own gallery, being a multimedia designer of apps, or developing user interfaces for a video game? Taking business or communications courses will further prepare you for those career paths. And at NHIA, your study of art could take you down a literal path—say, to the Caribbean with students from a cross-section of academic programs studying in the tropics. This focus on experiential learning could inspire you to view art differently when looking through the lens of another discipline.


Expanded Opportunities 

More ways to get involved

NHIA’s campus, in the heart of Manchester, offers an urban college-town environment, but what if you want to get away? Head to NEC’s campus in Henniker, a quintessential New England town. There you’ll find natural beauty; 19 athletic teams to cheer on; skiing at Pats Peak; an Esports Arena; a socially conscious theatre program in a new, state-of-the-art performing arts center; and a robust political scene. With New Hampshire’s “first in the nation primary” status, nearly every presidential candidate passes through Henniker, giving students an up-close look at national politics in action.

More ways to grow

The sense of community runs deep at New England College. This campus thrives on welcoming everyone, so you won’t have to look far to find others who are like-minded. With 37 percent ethnic diversity representing multiple countries, a nearly even split of men and women, and an active LGBTQ+ community, the New England College campus is the most diverse in New Hampshire.

If you thought you knew NHIA before, take another look. We now offer a whole new world of opportunities for students to weave rich experiences and craft their futures.


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