Creative writing program

Creative Writing

Students have a lot of opportunity here. With artists talks and visiting writers, we are exposed to the larger creative world. Faculty are always available to talk about your ideas in an open and non judgemental way. Not to mention the sporting events, antique shops, bowling, music, coffee shops and outdoor activities. This college has it all.

Elizabeth Reed, Creative Writing Class 2017

Surrealism and Rebellion. Gothics and Monsters. Writing the Senses. Graphic Novels. Our Creative Writing major encompasses far more than the fundamentals, encouraging students to experiment, invent, and inspire. Pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Creative Writing means you’re not stuck in a traditional English department. Instead, you’re in the center of a thriving community of artists ripe with opportunities for cross-fertilization.

Our faculty of professional authors live the writing life right alongside you, giving every student individual attention and a real voice in their education. Our visiting writers series puts you up close and personal with top names in the field, and our proximity to Boston and the Seacoast region sets your study in the heart of a thriving culture of readings, workshops and literary conferences. You’ll gain experience editing  publications, build a network of support with other professional writers, and crown your achievements with a published book.

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