The Foundations Program at the New Hampshire Institute of Art


“Foundations is about more than skill development. By bringing together faculty, students and artists who work in a wide range of media, we are building a community where students create, invent and learn. Students in the Foundations program develop into creative professionals with the ability to question everything and the technical agility to be really amazing makers.” Foundations Faculty

Our Foundations program gives you a rigorous grounding in the fundamentals of art and design. This first-year program will be taught by a team of faculty from every department, integrating liberal arts and sciences and the majors, to provide all students the experiences, skills, and well-rounded education they need to succeed in their chosen discipline right from the start.

The results of the year long program are on display at our annual Foundations exhibition.

We start by combining theory and practice to create a firm understanding of the rules artists use to make art, whatever your medium, then grant you the confidence to break those rules and create your own voice. You’ll accomplish this with close personal guidance and support from faculty who are passionate about helping you develop as a professional. Whatever your choice of major, Foundations ensures that you set out on your personal journey with the knowledge, skills and work ethic needed to compete and thrive in today’s creative world.

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