Graphic Design prorgam

Graphic and Communication Design

“I decided to go to art college because I’ve been a creative my whole life and I’m incredibly passionate about my future in the arts, wherever that will take me. I chose this college because here I’m treated like a real artist. The feedback I received on my entrance portfolio was incredible and inspiring. I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else.” Xavier Maurice, Graphic Design, Class of 2020

Degree earned: Bachelor of Fine Art
Campus: Manchester NH

Our Graphic and Communication Design program is a unique place that embraces both digital and analog technologies – at the same time we are using Cintiq tablets to develop digital work, we are pushing students to learn letterpress and incorporate hand-drawn type, skills that compliment each other and make our students better designers. The department is led by faculty who are practicing designers who immerse students in the industry through our Design NH agency, where students run an in-house agency for real-world clients, and the internship experience where students work for companies like Segway, Dyn, and Disney.

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